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Ankündigung: Internationaler Posaunenwettbewerb 2019 im Elsass, Frankreich

... vom 15. bis 19. Mai 2019 in Kingersheim (F, Nähe Mulhouse)

Die Website des CITA (Concours International de Trombone D'Alsace) ist jetzt online.
Siehe: www.trombone-alsace.fr 

Der Wettbewerb findet statt vom 15. bis 19. Mai 2019 in Kingersheim (F, Nähe Mulhouse).

In der Jury sind:
- Jacques MAUGER ( Frankreich/Schweiz ), Vorsitzender
- György GYIVICSAN ( Ungarn )
- Chris HOULDING ( England/Deutschland )
- Fabrice MILLISCHER ( Germany/Frankreich )
- Ximo VICEDO ( Spanien )

10000 € Preisgelder stehen zur Verfügung.
Teilnahmegebühr: 90.- €
Eingeladen sind alle, die bis oder am 15. Mai 2019 30 Jahre alt oder jünger sind.

In der Zeit des Wettbewerbs werden neben einer Instrumentenausstellung von Musikfirmen auch ein Abendprogramm mit Konzerten, die öffentlich sind, geboten.

Für alle Details über den Wettbewerb und die Anmeldung siehe:

Der künstlerische Leiter des Wettbewerbs Laurent Weisbeck schreibt über den Wettbewerb (in Englisch):

International Trombone Competition of Alsace
The second edition of the International Trombone competition of Alsace will take place from 15 to 19 May 2019 in Kingersheim, a city marked by a strong cultural identity, a place of exchange and sharing due to its geographical location close to Germany and Switzerland.

At a time when culture is not always a priority, the artistic quality of tomorrow depends undeniably on the possibilities of openness and flourishing that we propose to young people today.

We wanted to create an international competition open to young trombonists until the age of 30 years and of all nationalities in order to discover and discover the talents of tomorrow...

Following the success of the first edition which took place from 10th to 14th of May 2017, this second edition of the International Trombone competition of Alsace will welcome the most talented young trombonists in the world and propose to the public to discover in world premiere a Work of composer Vladimir Cosma for trombone and Wind Orchestra at the final of the competition.

This competition is also, and above all, the opportunity to discover this instrument to the public by allowing everyone to attend the events and to discover several international soloists during the concerts that will take place during the festivities. A "young audience" concert is also offered to school children to raise awareness of trombone and classical music from an early age in a more playful form.

The most renowned instrument factors are also present on this occasion and allow everyone to discover quality instruments at exhibitions and various workshops revolving around the trombone.

See you soon in Alsace!

Laurent Weisbeck, Artistic Director“

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