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Kammermusikfestival in Båstad, Schweden von 25 bis 30 Juni 2007

Ein Meisterkurs für Posaune/Blechbläserkammermusik mit Prof. Jonas Bylund, Musikhochschule Hannover

Info in Englisch:
During the Chamber Music Festival in Bastad, Sweden, trombone professor
Jonas Bylund
will do a trombone masterclass in conjunction with a
composers masterclass held by swedish composer Anders Hillborg.

The trombone masterclass will focus on standard repertoire as well as
contemporary works.
Master Class students will be given the opportunity not only to
participate in the work of one class but also to co-operate with the
other class; musicians and composers will work closely together. During
the festival week the participants in the composer class will produce
new works to be rehearsed and finally performed by the instrumentalist
classes on the last day of the festival.
The masterclasses will take place 25-30th of June 2007.
For more information: www.bastadkammarmusik.com

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